what colour should i paint my home.jpgA well thought out colour scheme can transform your home from boring and dull to unforgettable.  However, you need to be careful about which colours you choose; here are a few things to consider when painting your exterior.

1 – Always do your homework
There’s no easier way to fall out with your neighbours than to paint your home post box red in a street full of classic, white or grey houses. Where possible, you should always try to respect the colour schemes of your neighbours.  Have a walk around and take some photographs of the colour schemes that you enjoy, so you can use them as inspiration.

2 – Your front door is the focal point of your home
Your front door should naturally stand out. It needs to be welcoming, full of character and inviting. One of the ways to achieve this is to adopt a fairly neutral colour throughout most of the exterior but add a splash of colour to your door so it catches the eye.   

3 – Match your roof tiles
Use the colour of your roof as a starting point.  For example, a brown roof will work well with warming colours like shades of dark green, yellow, orange and red.  Conversely, if you have a black roof then you may want to go for a cooler colour like shades of taupe, light green or blues and purples.

4 – Pick three colours
When choosing paint for the exterior of your home you not only need to choose a base colour but also other shades which add depth.  First, you will need a field colour which takes up the most amount of brickwork on your home. Next, an accent colour for your door and finally a third colour for edgings and casing of windows and doors.  

5 – Take away the guesswork
Despite what we might tell ourselves, most of us aren’t all that that great at picking out our own colour schemes.  So to avoid spending your money on colours which look terrible together you should seek out specialist advice. Most DIY stores will have colour wheels and pallets for you to have a read through and staff on hand to consult.  So ask some questions before you part with your cash.

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