11 July 2016

4 features that make a home irresistible to buyers

4 features that make a home irresistible to buyers

4 features that make a home irresistible to buyers 1 – An outdoor kitchen areaBeyond just a traditional BBQ, a purpose built outdoor kitchen area can transform your garden.

Items like outdoor pizza ovens, power burners, griddles, outdoor wine coolers and beverage centres can turn your house into a top property.

  Would-be buyers will imagine themselves hanging around in glorious sunshine, cooking delicious food and sharing a drink with friends – even if they are viewing your house in the winter! 2 – Granite kitchen topsGranite work tops are among some of the most popular types of countertops available, with 55% of home buyers saying they would be willing to pay more for a kitchen that came with them.

It’s easy to see why – yes it’s stylish but it’s also tough, durable, resistant to staining and easy to maintain! 3 – Walk-in wardrobesIt’s said that the average Briton owns as many as 1,000 items, much of which is made up of clothes.

So it’s no wonder that walk-in wardrobes are such a high-impact feature in homes.

They are a very desirable space as they can store so much, while keeping it all tucked away out of sight.

Also, they can be installed in almost any room in the house, and are therefore a great way to stay organised.

4 – Traditional fireplace or log burner Another unique feature that can transport potential buyers away into a daydream is a traditional fireplace or log burner.

There was once a time when fireplaces were being done away with and were often covered up, but current trends have made a roaring open fire or log burner a sought after centre piece for a cold winters night.

This is in no small part down to the fact that wooden fuel is generally much cheaper than gas and electricity and an impressive traditional fireplace or log burner could add thousands to a property’s value.

The first question most people will ask regarding home improvements is “what exactly will add the most value to my property”.

Have a read of our free guide ‘Improving your home to sell it” to discover how to make the biggest impact and which improvements will be worthwhile for your home.

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