26 July 2016

4 reasons why downsizing isn’t as bad as it sounds

4 reasons why downsizing isn’t as bad as it sounds

4 reasons why downsizing isn’t as bad as it sounds It’s never an easy decision to make but downsizing and moving into a smaller property is sometimes the right thing to do.

While it will be sad for you to say goodbye to a large family home that you may have owned for many years, it can often benefit you in many ways.

1- Reorganising your finances One of the biggest motivations for many people in downsizing their property is the chance to release funds.

Larger houses are typically worth more money and by selling up and moving elsewhere you can free up some cash to do with as you please.

This might be a new car, a holiday, or perhaps a deposit to give your children a chance of getting their own foot on the property ladder.

Whatever your plans and motivations, selling up is a smart way to raise equity.

2 – Easier to maintainBig houses and big gardens mean lots of time spent cleaning, maintaining and weeding – which isn’t many people’s definition of a good time.

For example, what is the point dusting and hovering two bedrooms each week that you don’t use any more?! If you’re looking to spend more time enjoying the things that you want to enjoy then you should consider a smaller property.

3 – Less expensive to maintainAnyone who has owned a large house knows that they can be a drain on resources – expensive to heat and to run.

  By moving to a smaller house you can not only spend less time and energy on the upkeep of your home but you can also reap the rewards of smaller bills.

4 – Green benefit Along with shrinking utility bills comes the knowledge that your new home requires less resources to keep it running and is therefore less of a burden on the environment.

If you wanted to go the extra step you could even invest some of that freed up cash into solar panels for your roof.

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