Hudson Moody
12 January 2016

5 interior design apps you need in your life

5 interior design apps you need in your life You can do almost everything on your phone these days, and chances are you may even be reading this blog on your smart phone.

5 interior design apps you need in your life

But did you know that when it comes to finding inspiration for decorating your home and planning redesigns, there are a tonne of apps that can help? Here are 5 of our favourites.

PinterestMillions of visitors head over to Pinterest every week to find inspiration for everything from food recipes to fashion.

Users upload photographs and then ‘pin’ them to boards, which are usually themed around a specific style or subject.

Pinterest is great for finding inspiration for your home as by pinning items to your boards that fit your palette you’ll be able to keep focused on the overall style you’re trying to achieve in a room.

The Pinterest app is available on both Android and iOS but you can also access it on your laptop.

PhotomeasuresAvailable on both Android and iOS Photomeasures is a very handy app that can help with redecorating, planning for new furniture and measuring existing features in your home.

You simply take a picture, mark down the measurements using the app and then no matter where you go you have the measurements available at a swipe.

That means next time you see a bargain cabinet on sale, you won’t get caught out! iHandy CarpenteriHandy Carpenter is a simple yet effective app, available on Android and iOS.

Simply calibrate the app by turning it and holding it against a flat surface, and within a few seconds you have a very accurate spirit level.

iHandy Carpenter comes with a plumb bob, spirit level, bubble level bar, steep protractor and a ruler, while the free version iHandy lite only features the spirit level.

  SnapShop ShowroomEver found a unique piece of furniture that you loved but weren’t sure if it would suit your decor? SnapShop (available on iOS) has the answer.

  First of all take a photo of each room of your house.

Next, take a picture of the furniture you like use SnapShop to overlay the picture of the furniture on to the photo of your room.

Problem solved!  Mark on CallMark on Call is the brain child of interior designer Mark Lewison.

It allows users to create highly customisable floor plans of each room in their home.

It even has a shopping list feature to remind you what you have left to purchase.

Mark on Call is available on iOS.

  For more tips on improving your home before you put it on the market or let it, please visit our articles page.

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