13 November 2014

5 reasons why you need an estate agent to sell your property

5 reasons why you need an estate agent to sell your property

5 reasons why you need an estate agent to sell your property Some people believe that selling property independently can be a great way to save money, but shouldn’t something as important as selling your home be left to the experts? Experience For many people, selling their home is one of the largest financial transactions they take part in during their lives and the guidance of an experienced estate agent can really help to reduce stress and avoid mistakes.

The best estate agents have years of practical experience selling properties and know how to deal with any potential problems that might arise, and how to get the best price for your property.

Finding you the right buyer A well respected estate agent will have a number of potential tenants and buyers on their books who they contact when suitable properties come on the market, and even if they don’t, an estate agent will have far more marketing ability than most individual sellers will have.

Printed and digital advertising, as well as the traditional shop window displays will really help to get your property out there and in the faces of potential buyers.

Viewings Once an estate agent has successfully managed to attract buyers towards your property, the next stage will be to invite them for viewings.

For many people, it can be much easier to have an estate agent guiding visitors around their property as not only are they skilled at selling but it also means that the home-owner does not need to be present every time someone wants to view the property.

If you are flexible with your available viewing times, you will be more likely to have a speedy sale.

Chains One of the most frustrating parts of moving home can getting caught up in a housing chain.

If one buyer pulls out somewhere within a chain you can end up losing out.

Estate agents know that the key to keeping a chain together is constant communication, not only with those in the chain but also other third parties like solicitors.

Negotiations The experience that estate agents have really cannot be underestimated.

Many issues that could arise during direct negotiations are well understood by estate agents, but could cause problems without an agent.


It can also be hard for independent sellers to keep their emotions out of a sale and not take negative comments about their home too personally.

For further information about the sales process, read our online guide to selling your home.

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