28 September 2017

5 ways to improve the energy efficiency of your property before 2018

5 ways to improve the energy efficiency of your property before 2018

5 ways to improve the energy efficiency of your property before 2018 Recently on our blog we wrote about the upcoming changes to the rules and regulations surrounding Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s).

In case you missed it - from April 2018 it will be against the law for landlords to newly let, lease or renew a property which has a bad EPC rating and from 2020 it will affect all existing tenancies.

If you’re concerned about the energy efficiency of your property or properties then now is a good time to start thinking about how you can improve their rating.

Here are a handful of ways that you could improve your EPC rating before the deadline hits in 2018.

Double glazingReplacing single-glazed windows in your property with double glazed units has two benefits.

First of all it helps reduce draught and boosts your EPC while it also gives your property a facelift with new fittings that are bright and modern and likely to attract tenants.

InsulationInsulation is often the key to raising your EPC rating from the soon to be illegal F-G’s to a much more pleasant letter.

Cavity insulation saves hundreds of pounds a year and investing in loft insulation could also help score you points, helping to seal in heat.

Open fireplacesAnother place where heat can easily escape is through open fireplaces – even those which are rarely or never used.

To prevent this from happening and add up to four points to your EPC you should invest in a damper.

Upgrading your boilerWhether you have a new and highly efficient boiler or a floor standing boiler that is decades old could make a huge impact on your EPC rating.

Many old boilers operate at around 65% efficiency or less which means they take much more energy to heat your home when compared with many new boilers which operate at around 90%.

With that in mind if you do have an old and inefficient boiler then it’s probably time to upgrade it.

Energy saving light bulbsIf you’re looking for simple ways to improve your rating that aren’t as costly as replacing your boiler then little tweaks like changing your light bulbs to more eco-friendly alternatives can help.

Avoid halogen or non-Low Energy Lighting and choose Compact Fluorescent Lights or Light Emitting Diodes.

The technology of energy saving light bulbs has come a long way in recent years, so don’t worry that your room will be too dim.

With a combination of these solutions you may be able to help save money for your tenants and improve your overall rating.

However every property is different which is why you should seek the advice of a Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA).

Click here to search for one in your area: https://www.




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