27 February 2015

5 ways to make your home more attractive to potential buyers

5 ways to make your home more attractive to potential buyers

5 ways to make your home more attractive to potential buyers Whether you are looking at selling your home or just want to improve your current surroundings, these tips can help you to improve your home and potentially boost its market value.

  1 – Tidy your gardenFirst impressions count for a lot and a messy garden will make potential buyers question the state of the inside of your home too.

  Keep your garden weed free, keep the grass short and remember to water the plants.

  Splitting your rear garden into separate areas can be a good method of improving it as well - consider what kind of activities might take place in the garden and create different areas accordingly, for example an area for BBQ’s and summer lunch or simply a benched area for quiet reflection and reading books.

2 – Update your kitchenThe kitchen is the heart of the home and where a large chunk of your day will be spent.

  Outdated appliances and tatty work surfaces are likely to put off potential buyers so consider upgrading your kitchen either with new surfaces, cabinets and appliances or simply with a clean and a lick of paint.

  Remember that buyers are looking for a kitchen that appears to be practical, hygienic and also spacious.

3 – Renovate your bathroomAnother room which can add value to a property if renovated the right way is a bathroom.

  Just like kitchens they should appear to be practical, hygienic and spacious but even if a bathroom is small it can be made to look bigger by making the most of clever storage and airy colours.

Similarly, en-suites are a sure fire way to add value to your home – and are especially sought after by families who often look for more than one bathroom in a home.

4 – Go greenEnergy efficient homes can make a difference to home owners looking to keep their day-to-day living costs at a low.

A home might tick all the boxes but if it is going to be too expensive to live there then it might be a hard sell.

A home with double glazed windows, an efficient boiler and well insulated lofts and walls is likely to be an attractive prospect to a potential home owner looking to save money on their bills.

5 – Create a parking areaA beautiful front lawn might make your house look picturesque but if your home is located in a highly congested area then it’s probable that home owners would be more interested in any off-street parking that you have to offer.

  Home-owners will look for a space that is functional but also that ties in with the property in a complimentary way, so whether it’s a driveway or a garage – you should use materials that tie in with the aesthetic of your home and its surroundings.

For more tips and advice on improving your home before you put it on the market take a look at our guide here.

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