11 March 2016

8 tips to make your home look great for viewings

8 tips to make your home look great for viewings

8 tips to make your home look great for viewings If you’re looking for a quick sale then you should put plenty of effort into preparing your home for a viewing.

  Here are eight ways to help your home to look its best.


Clear the clutterIt’s really important that buyers are drawn to the strong features in your home and even the smallest out of place ornament or a chair in the wrong location could distract them.

  So try and play to the strengths of each room by minimising unnecessary clutter.


Clear the cupboardsWhile it might seem like an easy solution to put all your odds and ends in your cupboards, you should try and find somewhere else to store clutter.

Storage space is a big selling point for homes and an empty cupboard gives a much better impression of the space that might be available.


Keep it calmAs a rule of thumb, try to have no more than three items on a tabletop and keep smaller items stored away.

Removing excess furniture can also help to make a room appear larger.


Banish the darknessViewing houses is exciting for potential buyers and a light and bright home projects a far more positive impression than one which is dark and uninviting.

Make the most of windows by letting in the light and remove heavy and dark curtains in favour of blinds.


Fix up unfinished projectsHave a light switch hanging down or a shower rail that needs fixing? Get it done before the viewing.

  While it’s true some potential buyers like a project they won’t be impressed if easily fixable jobs are left undone and they may wonder what else has been neglected.


Kerb appealIn a recent blog we spoke about the importance of ‘kerb appeal’ so make a to-do list which includes trimming hedges, cutting grass, cleaning windows and re-touching any paintwork.


Reach for the marigoldsIn the days leading up to your viewing you should treat your home like it’s a 5-star hotel.

  Every surface should be sparkling – including the skirting boards! 8.

Give your home some personalityWhile you want your home to be clean and spacious, it also needs to appear lived in.

You can add some personality into your home with a few strategically placed items.

Try some fresh flowers on the dining room table, or a bowl of fruit in the kitchen – simple touches which can create a homely feel.

For more tips and advice on marketing your property read our ‘Home Selling Guide’.

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