29 April 2020

Add £££ to your property post lockdown !

Add £££ to your property post lockdown !

Add £££ to your property post lockdown ! Ben Hudson & Tarnia Hudson from Hudson Moody take a look at what home sellers can do during the lockdown period to attract the highest sale price for their property once restrictions are lifted.

  So, you have spruced up the front of your property - having the exterior looking at its best is vital, as it persuades people to look at the interior.

But now you don’t want to let viewers down when they choose to look inside.

  Most sellers have busy lives and invariably don’t have much time to prepare their homes for the market.

In this unique period of lockdown we have been given the perfect opportunity to put this right.

  Pre-market prep is so important.

It can make thousands of pounds’ worth of difference to the sale price, and can sometimes even be the deciding factor between attracting a buyer or not.

So now is the time to get things ship-shape.

  This doesn’t always have to mean painting and decorating, but it does mean attention to some important details.

Here are some things to remember when prepping a property in readiness for viewers:   Make sure the hall is inviting and clear of clutter – hats, coats, shoes, children’s school bags, etc.

That first impression is important.

You need your viewer to want to see more of your home - not the back of your home.

  Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses.

Make sure yours are sparking clean and clear of clutter – in fact getting rid of clutter is a recurring theme in preparing your home for sale.

  Is the living room inviting? Will one want to eat at the dining room table? Can one actually see the dining room table?   Have the beds been made? Are the cupboards neat? Overflowing cupboards send the message that a property is short on storage space.

  Remember that luxury hotel room that made you feel like a million dollars? Your property should make viewers feel like that.

It is not that difficult.

But it does take discipline, and it does take time – time that you might well now have.

  The TV home “experts” say that you should take the personality out of your home and make it bland to sell it well.

You really don’t need to go that far - a good estate agent will help the property sell well.

But it is up to you to maximise the value of your asset.

  Making your house or apartment fit for the market is an art.

Start with the basics - clear, dust and shine.

Then take a good look at the stuff you have left and de-clutter as though your sale depends on it – because it does.

  If you need advice, then Hudson Moody can help you with the pre-sale preparation.

Do call us and we will be happy to run though some dos and do nots so that you are ready for the market once the lockdown is lifted.

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