Hudson Moody
06 October 2016

Autumn Market Review 2016

Autumn Market Review 2016 As we enter the Autumn of 2016, we can look back at a more difficult start to the year when uncertainty caused by the European referendum and the subsequent Brexit result caused buyers to sit on their hands and play a wait and see game.

Autumn Market Review 2016

However, gradually over the following few months buyers have returned and realised that life continues despite the Brexit vote, and especially as we have seen a further interest rate cut and interest rates at record low levels to be taken advantage of whilst they are available.

York continues to be an extremely sought after destination and highlighted regularly in the national press as one of the most popular destinations in the country.

It is my belief that we have a window of opportunity between now and Christmas to agree sales at sensible levels before Article 50 is invoked in the spring of 2017 which is likely to cause more uncertainty and market turbulence.

It is therefore important to set asking prices at sensible levels to ensure you get the right potential purchasers through the door to agree a sale prior to this time.

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