30 June 2016

Best ways to pack your clothes for moving

Best ways to pack your clothes for moving

Best ways to pack your clothes for moving Clothes are often the last hurdle for a house move, but when it comes to actually getting them stored, the awkward sizes and easily creased materials can become a bit of a headache.

Here are our favourite ways to tackle the job.

The first step is to have a real sort through all of your clothes and begin to pair them.

Whether you want to do this by colour, shape, size, fabric or function is your choice to make; some people will even group their clothes by the seasons.

Just make sure that they are labeled and grouped together accordingly.

  For storage you should try and get your hands on some small boxes made from either plastic or recyclable cardboard.

  The key here is to neatly fold your clothes, or to bundle them by placing smaller items within one large item such as a jacket.

However, bundling your clothes is likely to result in a higher amount of creases, so you’ll need the iron ready when you unpack.

Suitcases, especially those on wheels, can be used as a clever mode of transport for awkward items like shoes, and you can fit in extra pairs by alternating the position of your shoes.

If you’re limited on space then you could also consider vacuum sealed bags which can work miracles when it comes to flat packing.

One good tip that we reccomend is to utilise dresser drawers.

They’ll likely remain inside the item of furniture when it moves so there is no problem with leaving some light items such as underwear or socks inside to save you some time later on.

Of course, heavy items such as jackets, jeans or shoes might make them difficult to move so avoid packing anything in them that weighs too much.

Sorting through all your clothes is a good way to get rid of any garments that you don’t really need, don’t wear anymore or you’ve just fallen out of love with.

Bag up any items you’re ready to let go of and take them to a clothes bank, or a charity shop that accepts clothing donations – there will always be someone out there who could benefit from your unwanted goods.

  Finally for some items such as suits or delicate dresses you should think about transporting them without packing, making sure that they are kept upright on hangers at all times.

Take a look at our helpful article for more points to remember when moving home.

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