10 May 2019

Guest Blog: The Importance of Being Solicitor Ready

Guest Blog: The Importance of Being Solicitor Ready

Guest Blog: The Importance of Being Solicitor Ready Having recently partnered with North Yorkshire Law as one of our preferred solicitors, we asked them to share their top tips on why it’s so important to be solicitor ready when it comes to buying or selling a property.

Here’s their advice…Everybody involved in buying or selling a property wants the process to progress quickly and smoothly.

However, there are a multitude of things that can hold the process up.

By being prepared for what is coming you can reduce the time it takes from making an offer to completion.

We’ve pulled together some of our top tips and advice to make the legal side of your property transaction as straightforward, and hassle free as possible.

When is the right time to instruct a firm of solicitors? The simple answer to this is, the sooner the better.

Both buyers and sellers can instruct a conveyancing lawyer prior to making/accepting an offer on a property.

Sellers can even give instruction prior to the house being put on the market.

By doing this it gives your legal team advance notice to get all the required paperwork in order.

Get your paperwork togetherThe sooner you get the paperwork organised, the sooner you can complete on your property sale or purchase.

It can really help to make yourself a checklist so that you can tick off each item and make sure that nothing is missed out.

You will need:• Photo ID- you will need a passport or drivers’ licence.

• Proof of address- This should be a utility bill or bank statement that is no older that three months.

• A copy of your title deeds (if you are selling an unregistered property).

• A copy of the house EPC (energy performance certificate).

• A complete fittings and contents form (also referred as the TA10 form).

• A property information form along with any documentation referenced in this form.

• Commercial matters you will need to have an up to date Asbestos report and a valid Fire Risk Assessment CertificateHaving these ready to send to your solicitor can greatly reduce the time it takes for the process to get underway.

Ensure a smooth transaction Whether you are buying or selling a property, there is one thing that everyone dreads and that is their property transaction falling through.

Issues thrown up in the survey, finances, gazumping and changes of circumstances are just a few reasons that things can go wrong however these can be managed correctly.

Whilst there is little that can be done about a truly negative survey or failed financing, changes of heart and gazumping can be avoided with efficiency and swiftness in procedure.

Avoiding bottlenecks Keeping good communication throughout with all parties during the process means that the sale progresses at a good pace.

Having an estate agent and experienced legal team who regularly work together and have local knowledge, such as Hudson Moody and North Yorkshire Law, can benefit you greatly.

Not only can they foresee any problems that may arise before they become an issue, they know each other’s working practices and communicate more efficiently.

North Yorkshire Law also make the process easier for you by meeting you at the offices of Hudson Moody.

This avoids you having to go between different offices and saves you time.

If you are buying or selling your home and want to know more about the conveyancing services that North Yorkshire Law offer, contact us here.

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