Hudson Moody
16 May 2017

How spring cleaning can help you with your house move

How spring cleaning can help you with your house move Whether you are in the process of moving house already and getting ready to pack up your belongings, or you are planning on putting your property on the market in the coming months and need to prepare your home for viewings, spring is the optimum season for de-cluttering your house.

How spring cleaning can help you with your house move

 Preparing your home for viewingsAfter a period of well-earned rest and hibernation in the winter, the spring and summer months tend to be a period of rejuvenation in the housing market.

The extra hours of daylight provide people with the additional motivation they require to start looking toward the future and deciding where they would like to spend their days.

If you are considering placing your home on the market then it’s important that you get your house in shape for viewings.

Taking a day or two to root through your belongings and free up space will make it much easier for you to present your home in its best state to those potential buyers.

While it’s true that some people might be able to see past mountains of clothes and boxes of discarded junk to the true beauty of your home, others might not find it so easy to do so.

A painless transition Spring cleaning can help you to condense all your belongings before you move home too.

According to some estimates, the average UK home owner has around £3,500 worth of clutter in their home with one in five homes having enough unwanted items to fill a bathroom and a similar amount with enough to fill a bedroom.

What’s more, many say that the amount of clutter in their homes makes them stressed and unhappy.

Performing an audit of all your belongings is a good way to minimise clutter in your home and cut down on the time it takes to pack around moving day.

How to get startedWith so much junk around our homes it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

However, with a little forethought and planning you can simplify the task at hand.

First of all you should approach your spring clean on a room-by-room basis.

If you simply walk around your entire home looking for the obvious candidates then you are bound to miss things.

So, grab a notepad and as you enter each room take a full stock check of what’s in there.

Now highlight any items that you think may need dealing with and tick them off as you go.

When you feel like you’re running out of steam, a quick flick through your notepad to see how far you’ve come should put a spring back in your step!For more advice, from mortgage advice and letting guides to interior design tips and more, follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with our latest blogs.

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