Hudson Moody
09 January 2015

How to enhance your home’s kerb appeal

How to enhance your home’s kerb appeal One of the best ways to leave a lasting impression on people visiting your property is to make sure the exterior of your home is in good shape and that the outside of your home is just as impressive as the inside -  otherwise known as ‘kerb appeal’.

How to enhance your home’s kerb appeal

Potential buyers will make up their mind about a property in a very short space of time so first impressions are certainly valuable.

A house that appears to be well kept and tightly maintained from the outside is likely to entice potential homeowners to take a further look.

Although improving the kerb appeal of your property might not add as much value as an en suite bathroom, it is going to put prospective buyers in a positive frame of mind when they approach your property or drive past it in the car.

Kerb appeal is all about maintenance and keeping on top of the small jobs but this largely depends on what the front of your home is like.

For instance, if you have a front garden then you should make sure that hedges are trimmed back and that grass is kept short and neat as an overgrown garden is likely to discourage buyers from wanting to look around.

  The same rule also applies to windows which can be off putting if left dirty, smudged or rotting.

Next you should think about what could be improved or upgraded.

  The front door of a house can be iconic and with the right colour or material it can really tie everything together.

Black or red seem to be the most popular colours for front doors.

You could also replace old hardware like knockers, knobs and letterboxes to add something extra.

Finally, remember to add a little greenery where you can.

Even if your front approach doesn’t have any grass, you can still add potted plants and flowers to make everything more colourful.

Remember that the market is very much in the buyers favour when it comes to choice and if you want to pip someone else to the post and sell your property then you need to show your home in the best light possible.

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