08 November 2017

How to make an easy sale in autumn

How to make an easy sale in autumn

How to make an easy sale in autumn As we’re on the colder end of the summer holidays you could be forgiven for thinking that the best period of the year for selling your home is done and dusted.

However, autumn is in fact a very busy time of year with new home buyers hoping to be settled in before the winter holidays and all the chaos that comes with it.

With this in mind, here are a few ways that you can make your property stand out in autumn.

1 – Light up your propertyWhile natural daylight is the best way to show off a room, as the seasons roll on there is less and less daylight to work with.

While eco-friendly bulbs are always best, be sure to find ones which give off plenty of light or consider changing them temporarily on viewing days to brighten up your home.

2 - Keep your garden clean While the idea of autumn may draw up comforting images of golden and bronze leaves, the reality is that at this time of year the garden can begin to look barren and neglected.

To keep on top of this you should regularly sweep to keep the leaves in order, brush away cobwebs and consider some hanging baskets which can add some life to your garden.

3- Make the most of the autumn pallet If you have plenty of time to prepare then you can really make autumn work for you in terms of the decor of your home.

Introducing paint that fits a seasonal pallet can be a clever move to make your home appear cosy and homely for potential buyers.

Warm colours like deep reds, forest greens and plums can work as well as more muted colours like soft whites, tans and coffee shades.

4- Keep it toastyIf you’re lucky enough to have a real fire then be sure to have it in tip top shape come viewing day.

Find a local chimney sweep and give it a good clean so that you can wow your visitors with a rip roaring fire that banishes the cold weather and makes your home nice and inviting.

5- Don’t forget the basicsNo matter the time of year, there are some rules which are universal to home viewings.

Always make sure that your property is clean, free of junk and that personal photos are kept to a minimum so that viewers can imagine themselves living in your property.

For more advice on leaving a lasting impression read our blog ‘8 tips to make your home look great for viewings’ here.

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