25 May 2016

How to make your home smell nice for viewing day

How to make your home smell nice for viewing day

How to make your home smell nice for viewing day When it comes to viewing day, we often spend lots of time thinking about how we can make our home appear calm and tidy, making sure that all our clutter is cleared away, carpets are vacuumed and ornaments dusted.

However, one thing that is often neglected is how a property smells and this is despite the fact that the way a property smells is often one of the first things that we pick up on – for better or for worse.

  So, how should you make your property smell? Candles and incenseCandles and incense are a good way to give your property a very distinct smell.

Candles can give a gentle fragrance while incense sticks and oils can be much more intense.

Warm, spicy scents are best for the bedrooms, while floral and citrus options are better suited to the kitchen or bathroom.

Of course, if you are selling your property around Christmas then you could also experiment with a cinnamon or apple scent.

Fabric freshenerA nice way to give your home a pleasant scent, especially in the bedroom, can be to use a fabric freshener such as Febreze which will freshen up your bed sheets and clothes.

It’s also worth using some ironing spray as you make your way through your laundry for added crispness.

Fresh from the ovenEver smelled a particular scent and instantly been transported back to your childhood? Baking is a great way to give your kitchen a homely feel.

Try baking a lovely lemon cake or gingerbread to give your home that welcoming feel – just make sure you don’t burn it! Elbow greaseWhile it can be tempting to mask stale or unpleasant odours with candles, incense and air fresheners, you should really tackle the problem head on - whether that’s emptying the bin, giving your surfaces a good clean, dusting ornaments or vacuuming the carpet.

It might be worth emptying your vacuum cleaner bag before hovering, as an overfull bag could make the smell worse!  Fresh airIt’s a pretty obvious thing to say but nothing can beat fresh air when it comes to making your property smell good.

Opening the windows up for a few hours and re-circulating your home with some old fashioned ventilation can really improve the air quality in your home and blow away the dust bunnies ready for a viewing.

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