27 October 2016

How to make your living room feel more spacious

How to make your living room feel more spacious

How to make your living room feel more spacious We all know that finding a perfect home is often about compromise, but while you may think that your living room is snug and cosy, when it comes to putting it on the market again, potential buyers might not be so convinced.

So how can you make your living room appear bigger than it actually is?Use colour to your advantageOne of the most common ways that people try to make small rooms feel bigger is to whitewash the walls and while this does make a room appear bigger, it also makes it feel cold and uninviting.

Instead you should opt for a colour which still opens up a room but is less clinical.

Cool colours like greens, blues, dove greys and lavender are great options.

They reflect light around a room and make them feel much larger than they really are.

Another good trick is to paint alcoves and recesses with colours which are just a shade paler than the rest of the room; this will make narrow rooms feel less constricting.

Rearrange furnitureThe placement and style of your furniture can also go a long way to making a room appear more spacious and it’s quite simple.

Rather than opting for fancy, complicated patterns, you should choose furniture which is clean and crisp and has one universal colour and use cushions and throws sparingly.

Next, consider what is actually in your room.

One of the most frequently used home staging tips is the ‘cantaloupe rule’ which means only displaying items that are larger than a cantaloupe melon to stop it feeling cluttered.

In addition to this you should think about the size of the furniture.

A sofa chair may be comfy, but if the footprint is too large then it makes sense to find something smaller.

Finally, you can camouflage a piece of large furniture like a sofa by choosing a colour that is the same as or almost the same as your walls.

For more tips on doing up your home before you put it on the market, read our guide ‘Improving Your Home to Sell’: http://www.



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