02 February 2011



LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT? This February Ben Hudson of Hudson Moody takes a loving look at how we can often fall head over heels with…a house.

February is the month of St Valentine and it is worth remembering that it is not just people that can become the love of our lives.

We can also fall under the spell of property.

Often it seems that people don’t really decide on houses.

Instead houses seem to decide on people.

Some houses just grab hold of buyers and make them fall in love immediately.

Others flirt and intrigue but then take their time before revealing all their charms - slowly they become more comfortable, dependable and familiar until the owner’s heart is quit lost.

Do people really fall in love with property? Of course they do.

Our history and literature is full of stories about how a house became an important and even beloved part of someone’s life and even their soul.

For many it was love at first sight.

For so many owners their house does far more than provide a shelter against heat, cold, rain, robbers and the nosey.

It is their sanctuary and their muse, a place that inspires, nurtures and restores and where they can be most at peace with themselves.

Perhaps that is why so many artists and other creative people care so much about where they live.

So if you are on the hunt for a new home this spring, whether it is a tiny flat or grand house, listen to the voice of reason certainly, but also listen to your heartstrings.

Love for a property is seldom unrequited.

Love it and it will love you right back.

And falling in love with a property can sometimes even be safer than falling in love with a person.

At least property doesn’t complain when you bring all your friends back unexpectedly!   Share on social media