19 October 2018

Market Brief: A resilient property market in York

Market Brief: A resilient property market in York

Market Brief: A resilient property market in York The property market in York is proving to be very resilient in what is widely viewed as quite a difficult time for the market nationwide.

With Brexit on the horizon there is a lot of uncertainty which is causing people to be very cautious when it comes to making big decisions such as buying or selling their home.

However, York is continuing to rise above this uncertainty and, as such a highly desirable place to live, property remains in high demand.

Of course, high demand can drive the prices up and although property in York is higher than some of our neighbouring towns and cities, it is still nothing in comparison to property in London and the southern counties.

York is therefore becoming increasingly popular with ‘out of town’ buyers who are willing to move north to get more for their money whilst still being able enjoy a very cosmopolitan lifestyle and travel to London in less than two hours.

As we head towards Christmas there are fewer properties on the market but still a good a number of buyers out there looking.

If your property is on the market this can only be a good thing as you are sure to receive some good levels of interest.

There is still time to make your move in time for Christmas this year especially if you’re not in a long chain.

This time of year can be particularly good for first time buyers and we are hosting a property information evening on the 25th October for anyone who is interested in taking their first steps on the property ladder, whether that be as a first time buyer, tenant or landlord.

Looking ahead to early next year there a lot of new city centre developments in the pipeline all of which are being built by some of the best developers in the area so it is a very exciting time to look forward to.

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