Hudson Moody
28 August 2014

Moving house checklist

Moving house checklist There’s so much to remember when moving home and it can be easy to forget some of the smaller things.

Moving house checklist

Writing a checklist can really help you to stay on top of the process and make sure that your move goes ahead smoothly.

6-8 weeks before your anticipated move date you need to be thinking about the logistics of your move and how you will make it run smoothly.

This is the time to get quotes from storage companies and removal firms, and also to begin informing people of your pending move.

• Notify your landlord (if appropriate) of your moving date once it’s confirmed • Shop around for quotes from removal and storage companies • If you are downsizing then you might need to take unwanted items to a clothes bank, charity shop or auction • Notify your utility companies of your moving date and supply them with your new address Around 2-4 weeks before your moving date you can start to wrap up your move: • Start packing up non-essentials items such as rarely used kitchen items and old shoes • Arrange a kennel or cattery for any pets to be looked after during your move • If children are too young to help then find someone to care for them during the move • Ring your bank and inform them of your moving date and new address • Inform your doctor, dentist, optician, etc that you will be moving • Cancel any daily deliveries such as newspapers • Notify your utility companies of your moving date and your new address • Notify local council of your change in address   1 week before your move put essential items, such as enough clothes and food for the week, to one side, and then pack everything else ready.

It will take longer than you think! Take a look at our helpful article for more information on buying your first home.

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