14 August 2017

New Energy Performance Certificate rules for landlords coming in 2018

New Energy Performance Certificate rules for landlords coming in 2018

New Energy Performance Certificate rules for landlords coming in 2018 Landlords, take note! Rules and regulations around Energy Performance Certificates are set to change from April 1st 2018 making it against the law to let or lease a property with a poor EPC rating.

  Early indications estimate that as many as 330,000 houses in the UK are rated between F and G and will ultimately need improvements before they can be legally let out.

Introduced in 2007, Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) are required by law by anyone selling a property with fines of up to £120 produced for failure to provide one.

An EPC gives a potential buyer important information about how energy efficient a property is.

It also provides some guidance as to changes that could be made to improve efficiency, for example by adjusting levels of insulation or draught proofing.

At present homes are graded from A-G with A being the best score possible.

However from 1st April 2018 there will be a minimum requirement for properties in the private rented sector to score a minimum of E on their EPC before they can be let out or renewed.

  While there are some exceptions, if a property is rented out and has an EPC lower than E then fines can be issued of up to £4,000.

If you own a property with a poor energy performance score then now is a good time to begin planning improvements to raise efficiency.

  Your first port of call should be a Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) whose job it is to work out the energy efficiency of a property.

They will be able to provide you with an EPC certificate if you don’t already have one and provide you with some insight into how to raise your properties rating.

Click here to search for a qualified energy assessor in your area: https://www.




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