Hudson Moody
30 March 2017

SASH Sleep Out Success

SASH Sleep Out Success On 10th March SASH held their annual Sleep Out event in order to raise awareness and funds to help to prevent youth homelessness in the local area.

SASH Sleep Out Success

Our very own Alicia and her friend Sarah took part in the event held at Tang Hall Community Centre and huddled together for the evening in the corner of the netball court in a cardboard box.

After lasting the night, we are thrilled to say that they have raised a grand total of £345!Here’s what the girls had to say about the event: “SASH sleep-out kicked off with a warm welcome and a tour of the site.

Having never slept out before, we decided to follow the example of the seasoned pros and set ourselves up on the netball court.

 Following the welcome talks, arts and crafts and copious amounts of tea, it was time to bed down for the evening.

By huddling in the corner, remaining out the limelight and eating all the snacks provided, we somehow managed to last the night (a tactic not dissimilar to other past experiences of netball courts).

 Fortunately the weather remained mild and we were lucky that our shelter just about lasted the night.

I can imagine that sleeping out is usually a very lonely experience and the evening wouldn't have been half as durable without the chatter and friendly faces if the SASH volunteers.

”Thank you to everyone for kindly donating and to Sarah and Alicia for taking part.

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