Hudson Moody
07 February 2017

Should you install solar panels in your home?

Should you install solar panels in your home? Despite being a relatively new invention, as many as 500,000 homes across the UK have already had solar panels installed on their roof tops.

Should you install solar panels in your home?

But why exactly are solar panels so popular, how do they work, and are there any drawbacks that should make you think twice about having them put in?How do solar panels work?Solar Photovoltaic panels convert light directly into electrical energy.

They are made up of solar cells which each retain a small amount of electricity.

The more panels you have, the more electricity you can produce and use in your home.

You may be thinking, this is all well and good but there isn’t enough sunshine in the UK to make them worthwhile, but you would be wrong.

While they do produce more power on a sunny day, they only need daylight, not heat, of which we get plenty.

Reasons for installing solar panelsSo, what are some of the reasons for having solar panels installed? Well first of all, the electricity that you store up can be used inside your home, saving you valuable money on your electricity bills, with some families claiming to save as much as 50% on their bill.

You can even earn money with excess energy that you create, thanks to the government’s Feed-in-Tariffs.

In addition to this, solar panels can help the environment by reducing fossil fuel consumption and can have a positive impact on the value of your home – with many homeowners ranking energy efficiency as one of their top concerns when buying a home.

Reasons against installing solar panels in your homeWhile earning extra money, saving on your bills and helping the environment sounds great, there are some down sides to having solar panels installed.

First of all, it is important to remember that while many home owners rank energy efficiency as crucial to their choice of home, they also care a lot about the appearance.

It is recommended, where possible, that you have your solar panels installed away from the front of your property in order to retain its natural appearance.

Many companies will offer free solar panel installation, but if you can afford to pay for them outright then you should.

This is because the company that installs your panels will normally own them, meaning that you benefit from energy savings, but you don’t make any money from the Feed-In-Tariffs.

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