15 March 2018

Six things to avoid when selling your home

Six things to avoid when selling your home

Six things to avoid when selling your home Taking the first step to sell your property can be a big decision.

As a property owner, you will want to make sure that the process goes as smoothly as possible, within a reasonable time frame and you get the best possible price.

As agents, we want the same thing too!Here’s our advice on how to avoid some of the common mistakes that people make when selling their property:1.

Choosing a ‘cheap’ estate agentSelling property is a complex process which requires expertise and experience.

There are lots of different options out there from online agents, to national firms and smaller local agents.

However, if you want a quality service you need to choose a quality agent that is qualified and has experience of your local area.

Choosing a quality, local agent will mean that you get a more personal, holistic service.


‘Over valuing’ the propertyIt’s very tempting to put your property on the market with an inflated valuation but, more often than not, this will only bring you more heartache.

You may not get any real interest from potential buyers and risk your property being on the market for a while and ‘going stale’.

To generate good levels of interest from the right people you need to put your property on the market at a realistic price.


Not realising the benefit of accompanied viewings and sales progressionA high quality estate agent will offer to accompany viewers to your property as a matter of course.

This can make a big difference.

They are experienced and used to answering the common questions many buyers will have.

It also ensures you receive more honest feedback on the property as viewers won’t be worried about offending the owner! You’ll therefore have a more realistic gauge of how property is being received.

 Not all estate agents provide a full sales progression service however, it is a vital element in ensuring that once you have received an offer, your sale progresses smoothly to completion.


 Neglecting kerb appealMaking sure your property looks nice from the outside can be just as important as what it looks like on the inside.

Remember, it’s the first thing a potential buyer will see, and first impressions go a long way.

Spending a few hours making sure your garden or driveway is tidy and well maintained will be worth it! 5.

 Ignoring or hiding maintenance issuesIt’s important to get any niggling maintenance issues dealt with before putting your property on the market and, if you are aware of any other issues, be honest and upfront with your agent.

Ignoring or hiding issues that are likely to be picked up by a survey will only delay things further down the line and you could lose the sale.


 Not being flexibleHaving people to view your property can undoubtedly be inconvenient but try to be as flexible and amenable as you can.

The easier it is for people to view your property, the more chance you have of somebody placing an offer.

It’s equally important to be flexible when it comes to offers.

Consider every offer you receive, while one may not be exactly the price you were looking for, if it means your property will sell quickly, is it worth holding out indefinitely? Your agent will always be able to advise you on this.

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