05 July 2019

Struggling to sell? - Our guide to help you move on successfully

Struggling to sell? - Our guide to help you move on successfully

Struggling to sell? - Our guide to help you move on successfully When you have your home up for sale, time seems to stand still.

You’re in limbo, caught between your old life, and your new one, with no way of knowing when you’ll be able to move on – both literally and emotionally.

As the weeks turn into months, and the viewings dry up, it’s easy to become despondent and dispirited.

Especially when you see house after house in your area sell, even those that came to the market long after your house did.

You can’t define why no one seems to want your house; you chose a professional estate agent; your asking price is about right; you have kept your house looking lovely for viewers, so what’s gone wrong?Firstly, you’re not alone.

We often speak with homeowners that have also found themselves struggling to sell their property.

With some discreet research, we have often found that their marketing strategy was flawed, and their online presence sadly lacking in quality; none of which was their fault.

Secondly, if you find yourself in this position, with a lack of viewings, having had your house on the market for months or even years, our ‘Re-launch Strategy’ will refresh your marketing – and hopefully your motivation too – and get your house sold for the price you want.

Time to start againWe suggest a return to basics.

In essence, you are going to pretend you have never tried to sell, and instead plan a launch of your home to the market.

This time though, every aspectof your marketing campaign will be perfect, right from the start.

• Take your house off the marketThis probably feels counter-intuitive, but it can help to revitalise your home sale.

A breakfrom the market has several advantages: it gives you a break, it stops your house becoming stale and it gives you the chance to take stock and plan a launch properly.

• Give your agent noticeIf your agent demands a notice period, then give them formal notice in writing; you canalways rescind this later if you change your mind.

Ask that during the notice period yourhouse be withdrawn from any online advertising.

This will give you the space you need tostart planning your re-launch.

• Prepare your home properlyMake sure your home is ready for photography and viewings.

Perhaps this is a step that you rushed or even overlooked the first time you put your property on the market, but it’s vital you spend time and effort, and even money, on this very important preparation for marketing.

• Consider marketing your home with a new estate agentThe estate agency you have used to market your home previously may not be the best to re-launch your house to market effectively.

After all, they have tried and failed to sell your property.

Whatever the reason, their motivation and enthusiasm for selling your home after trying for some time without success, is bound to be low.

Sometimes you just need an agent with afresh attitude and new enthusiasm to add new life into a marketing campaign.

Don’t just choose the agent with the lowest fee and highest valuation.

Take a considered view on their professionalism, their success locally, and whether you like them or not.

Afterall, you’re going to be working quite closely with them for some time.

• Review your photographsTake a critical and if you can, objective view of the photography used by your last agent or agents to market your home.

Is it really good enough? Look at the photographs of the best homes marketed online by Savills, Knight Frank and the other premium agents.

Does it compare, or do your images look like the agent has just snapped them in a hurry on their small point-and-shoot?• The ‘write’ way to sell your houseOnce you have your home presented beautifully and some gorgeous photographs, the next step is to turn your attention to your written description.

The words used to describe your home in your brochure and online advert need to persuade a buyer it’s worth the time and effort to view your home.

• Name your priceThe final decision to make before you are ready to re-launch your home to the market, is the asking price.

Ask yourself: Does your agent support it? If you set your asking price way above that which the agent recommends, their lack of support could well be evident in the way they talk about your property to their team and also to buyers.

Is there precedent? If your home is unique, there may well be a lack of comparable properties, and therefore you have much more flexibility in the price you choose to market your home at.

However, if you are in a row of similar properties, chances are that there will be plenty of historical evidence to guide you into choosing an asking price that fits in with those of your neighbouring properties.

• Does it fit in with an online search?Currently, 93% of property searches start Online (source: Rightmove).

You need to choose an asking price that will ensure your home is found by the maximum number of buyers searching the property portals.

To maximise the number of buyers who will see your property, stay away from the 9s, such as £499,999, and instead choose a rounded figure that fits in with the price bandings the online portals use, such as £500,000.

Ready, Steady, Launch!You’re ready to launch, this time, with success!Taking back control of your property sale can feel empowering and motivating.

The steps might be simple, but not necessarily easy.

And that’s where we come in.

If you’re struggling to sell your home, maybe we can help you to move on.

You can call us on 01904 650650 to discuss your situation with us.

We also have lots more information about selling your home here.

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