05 August 2019

Successful downsizing – our complete guide

Successful downsizing – our complete guide

Successful downsizing – our complete guide The decision to downsize your property to something smaller can be one of the hardest decisions you have to make.

 Even though your home may be consuming more time, effort and money than you want to give it, it’s often an emotional wrench to even think about leaving behind a house that’s been a home for you and your family for many years.

We understand that it’s not an easy decision.

Our experience is that most of the best questions to ask yourself about moving can be divided into three subjects: time, enthusiasm and finances.

 TimeChoosing the right timescale is important when you’re downsizing.

Having your last Christmas in a family home can be a way of coming to terms with a move and giving yourself time to plan it effectively.

Pick a date in the future that works for everyone, and work towards it, a step at a time.

 EnthusiasmIt’s much easier to look forward to moving when you know where you’re moving to.

Whilst it’s tempting to sell first before you view other houses, having your next home in your mind can help keep you motivated and positive about your move.

FinancesPlan out the financial implications of your move in detail, including the consequences of achieving a sale at less than your expected asking price.

Most downsize moves release equity, and knowing how what you plan to use surplus funds can help to give you a goal to reach for.

  Maybe now is the time for that long-awaited round-the-world trip, or to buy a new car.

Whatever it is, planning will help make it more of a reality of your home move.

 Planning to downsize: your checklist before you sellHaving a checklist of what you need to do before you put your home on the market can help you feel in control of your downsize move.

  So we’ve put together this short list to help you stay on track: Plan your finances to see the price you need/want from your saleDraw up a wish-list and a must-have list for your next homeCreate a Rightmove alert according to your criteriaDecide on a date to put your home on the marketChoose three estate agents and arrange consultations with themChoose the estate agent you want to work withGo through your home and make a list of any outstanding jobsMake a list of any accessories to buy to dress your home for photographyApprove the images for use in your marketingSign-off the brochure once you’re happy with it Focus on your futureIt’s sometimes an emotional decision to downsize, and usually not an easy one to make.

But the benefits of moving on, in every way someone can move on, can often outweigh these difficulties.

Finding a new sense of freedom, being closer to family and loved ones, meeting new friends, discovering new hobbies and interests, and the relief of a secure financial future, can all make moving home after a bereavement a new start, in every sense of the word.

 It takes careful guidance and assistance from an estate agent to help someone through this process.

  The sale of the house itself is only the tip of the iceberg; the real work comes in the separation process, and a really good agent will not only help make this as smooth a transition as possible, they will also help in the more practical aspects of the move too.

They should have excellent supplier contacts to help source someone to help with the home organisation, de-cluttering, storage, packing and moving, and may also be able to help find a new home too.

In this situation a really proactive, and genuinely caring professional will be worth their weight in gold, especially if the homeowner doesn’t have close family or friends who could help them.

 We’d love to have a chat with you about your moving plans, even if you don’t yet feel ready to move.

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