15 April 2020

Support and Mortgage Advice from our partners What Life.

Support and Mortgage Advice from our partners What Life.

Support and Mortgage Advice from our partners What Life.

In these unprecedented times, we are looking at ways to continue to support you and having helped you purchase your property in recent years, we thought you might be at a point when you are re-examining your options.

As you may be aware, the Bank of England recently reduced their base rate to 0.

1% in an effort to help the economy.

This may in turn assist borrowers and homeowners in reducing their monthly expenditure.

We would therefore like to point you in the direction of What Life and Mortgages, a company we have worked closely with, and have recommended with success, on numerous occasions.

What Life & Mortgages are experts in providing you with:Fully regulated mortgage & re-mortgage advice with access to over 70 lenders in the UKAdvice on whether you would benefit from changing your mortgage to one with a lower interest rate – potentially saving you money every month.

Advice on whether it would benefit you to consolidate your debts on credit cards, loans or other debt by adding them to your mortgage – potentially reducing your monthly outgoings.

Advice on insurance that pays out in the event of death, illness or accident to ensure you and your family have the means to support yourselves financially should the worst happen.

Income insurance to replace your wages or profits if you are signed off work by a doctor.

Can be set to kick in from day 1 of your time off, great for the self- employed, or later in line with your sick pay if you are salaried.

Meetings are held remotely via a secure, encrypted online portal allowing you to benefit from advice from the comfort of your own home or workplace and can be done by telephone, email or video conferencing.

If you would like to arrange a call back or virtual meeting, then please get in touch by replying to this email, emailing us or calling us:support@what-life.


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