26 October 2021

Things to consider when preparing your house for sale in York

Things to consider when preparing your house for sale in York

If you’re after a quicker sale and a higher sale price, then it is worth spending a little time planning and preparing your property before selling. A well-presented property is often what sets it apart from other properties on the market securing a quick sale. The longer your property remains on the market, the more likely you are to have to accept a reduction. It’s best to do all you can to secure a full price sale in a timely fashion. At Hudson Moody, we are happy to offer help and advice on how best to prepare your property to sell. You won’t need a full makeover, if you’re savvy, its simple changes which could make the difference.

A competitive price and great presentation leads to a quick house sale. Take the advice of the agent: they know the market and an honest Free Free Home valuation is always key. Although it’s tough: try to think as your home as a commodity for sale: you can take memories with you and make new ones in your new home.

So, what sells a property quickly? Don’t underestimate the emotional side of selling: most buyers buy with their heart. First impressions count. Buyers judge your home well before they even view. Try and see your property through their eyes. Make sure your house is ready to be photographed so it is displayed at its very best online and in the brochure. Hudson Moody pride themselves in the quality of their photographs and appreciate the power of great photos. However, your house maybe stunning inside but, if the outside is neglected it might compromise your sale. Take a look at the other properties close by: how does yours compare? Walk the route your buyers will take – would you buy your house? Does it look cared for and well maintained?

Take this opportunity to carry out routine maintenance or finish off those ‘rainy day’ DIY jobs. Buyers will mentally reduce an offer they are considering every time they see something which needs fixing. The additional hassle having to have something mended factors in as well: reductions for maintenance are rarely at a level of what it really will cost.

Although the property you are selling is often your home, it’s a good idea to depersonalise the space. Buyers fall in love with a house because they can see themselves living there. Show homes go to great lengths to present a neutral ‘homely’ feel which looks lived in without looking as if anyone actually lives there.

Presenting a tidy, clutter-free space which highlights the pluses is key. Try to accentuate the things which matter: space and storage, flexible living, room to grow. Getting rid of clutter makes your property look and feel bigger and present a blank canvas on which a new buyer can work. Donate what you can: it will make you feel better about parting with items. Serious buyers might well look inside cupboards so don’t neglect them: if they are full buyers will assume there’s not enough storage for you so there might not be for them.  Embrace de-cluttering: after all it will be less to pack!

Make sure you define each space. Make sure rooms are presented as they were originally intended. Take the home office area out of the living space but allude to the room’s possibilities, make sure the dining room is for dining not just to use as a child’s playroom, make sure the spare bedroom is just that, not a storage room. Certain rooms hold a greater perceived value. Space sells. Hudson Moody would be happy to make suggestions as to how your rooms are best configured to achieve maximum price. 

Don’t underestimate the power of a deep clean. No one relishes having to clean and if you’re not up to doing a thorough job getting in a cleaning company is money well spent. We at Hudson Moody have a great relationship with several firms and would be happy to make recommendations. If your house is ahead of the competition, you’re sure to get more interest. If you’re selling it with carpets and curtains, it’s worth having them professionally cleaned too. Also give consideration to how your home smells. Airing your property before a viewing is a plus and fresh flowers are always a hit.  Make sure you keep it clean and tidy until it’s sold.

All these changes cannot happen overnight. Allow yourself time to put things right and present your property in the best possible light. Realistically allow 4 – 6 weeks to prepare your property for market. If you’re considering making big improvements such as new bathrooms or changing a kitchen, get professional advice first: it might not add more than you pay to the value. Feel free to invite Hudson Moody round at the early stages as we’d be happy to offer advice on how to get the most out of your sale.