Hudson Moody
23 November 2017

Tips for moving before Xmas

Tips for moving before Xmas Packing your entire life up into boxes and moving into a new home can be one of the most exciting (and overwhelming!) experiences in your entire life.

Tips for moving before Xmas

This is why many people choose to avoid moving home in the run up to the Christmas period.

However, while it’s true that moving at this time of year can be a lot to process, the benefits are often worth the added strain.

For instance, if you’re a tenant looking to move into a new rental property then you may find that things move a lot more quickly as there is less competition at this time of year.

So, if you’re hoping to open up your presents in a new home come Christmas morning then read on for some helpful tips and advice.

1 – Plan everything in advanceIf you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail! Planning the minute details of your move is critical – not just at Christmas but at any time of the year.

Prepare a thorough checklist and a timeline leading up to your big move.

Think about what needs doing a couple of months before the move right up to just a few days in advance.

That way you won’t be caught short with cardboard boxes, forget to book a removals company, or leave yourself too little time to clean the house and secure that elusive deposit.

2 – Plan Christmas shopping earlyThere are typically added costs that come with moving home – even if your new place has a cheaper rental price.

You might need new furniture, you’ll most likely need to hire a removals company or a self-hire van and there’ll be other costs too.

With this in mind, you can save yourself a financial headache by beginning your Christmas shopping well in advance so that you can put all your resources towards the big move.

Once you’ve begun the process of moving in make sure you keep all your Christmas presents clearly labeled in a box, or even off premises so that you avoid losing them in the chaos.

3 – Visit the relatives this yearWhile it’s not impossible to have everything done and dusted by the 25th you might be stretching it to think you’ll be able to host Christmas dinner this year.

Unpacking often takes people a lot longer than they anticipate, and you’ll probably find that even you don’t know where the turkey baster is when asked for it.

With that in mind, you might want to see if you can relocate Christmas proceedings to one of your relatives this year.

4 – Prepare for cold weatherWinter brings with it the bitter cold weather and as such the weather might not be on your side.

On moving day you should be sure to keep your driveways and entrances free of ice and snow and look out for any potential slip hazards.

You might also want to consider staying elsewhere until your home is fully furnished, with curtains and rugs and any other heat retaining comforts.

5 – Make the most of the holidaysWhile Christmas might not seem like the perfect time to move, don’t forget that it’s often a quiet time of the year and your friends and family members might have ample amounts of time to come and give you a hand.

With enough notice you can sign up a legion of volunteers to help move your belongings and maybe even decorate the tree at the same time.

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