30 March 2017

What to do with that spare room?

What to do with that spare room?

What to do with that spare room? Guest bedrooms and spare bedrooms have so much potential, but more often than not we end up either filling them with junk or leaving them empty and devoid of any personality.

However, what you choose to do (or not to do) with that spare space in your property could make all the difference when it comes to eventually putting your home on the market to let or sell.

When a potential buyer or tenant is weighing up their options the sight of a converted walk-in-wardrobe or stylish ergonomic work station could prove to be critical.

It could even be the deciding factor between your property and another one on the market.

The first and most common use for a spare room is that of a guest or child’s bedroom.

A spare bedroom is one of the most sought after features in a home.

It opens up your property to a wider range of buyers from young couples hoping one day to start a family, to older buyers who want somewhere for relatives to stay when they visit them.

In fact extra bedrooms are normally ranked as the most valuable addition to a home.

However, it is important to bear in mind that an extra bedroom is not always the best use of your spare room.

In fact using your spare room as an extra bedroom often means it simply becomes a dumping ground for odds and ends that you need to store away.

So, what are some other uses for all that extra space you have?Another popular use for a spare room is that of an office space.

According to the Office for National Statistics as many as 4.

2million people in the UK now work from home; that’s an incredible 14% of the nation’s workforce.

In cities where commercial workspace often comes at a premium, working from home is often a great way to save some money.

So investing in WiFi access, plug sockets, good lighting and some office furniture is a good way to entice a self-employed tenant or potential home buyer.

Walk in wardrobes and dressing rooms are another popular choice for a spare bedroom.

They take away the clutter from your main bedroom and allow for a space where you can store away all your clothes and shoes from sight.

Installing cupboards, mirrors, hanging wardrobes and seated areas can create a fantastic and attractive dressing space.

Another way to spice up your spare room is to use it as a place to concentrate on your hobbies, whether that’s sewing, arts and crafts, model trains or just a place for you to relax and read a book.

All of which can help to make your property stand out to potential buyers and tenants in an increasingly competitive market.

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